Disposition Renewals


On September 1, 2010 The AER implemented a new process called the Enhanced Approval Process for submitting certain Disposition Applications (MSL, LOC, PLA, PIL and MLL’s).   This is done electronically and the applications are routed through a “standard” or “non-standard” processing route for a more consistent, clear, centralized and timely review process for government and industry.

Once an application is accepted a Short Term Disposition (STD) is granted.  This provides a 4 year authorization for industry to conduct resource development activities from the date of issuance.

4 year Disposition Renewals.

After the disposition is constructed an application for a Long Term Disposition (LTD) is required prior to the end of the 4 year term of the STD.  This final submission provides an accurate record of the location of the developed site and any approved changes.  A surveyor is required to verify that the disposition has been built within the boundaries of the survey plan that was used for the STD application.  If the field crew determines that no trespassing beyond the boundaries has occurred and if the STD plan was not a sketch plan then a Statutory Declaration can be issued and used to apply for the LTD.  If extra clearing has taken place then an asbuilt survey of the disposition is necessary to show the new area that has been cleared along with the original area from the STD plan.  An asbuilt plan is also required if the initial plan for the STD application was a sketch plan.  This new asbuilt survey is then used to amend the original STD.  A LTD is typically valid for 25 years.

If a final submission is not received before the 4 year limit the short term disposition will expire or be cancelled due to non-compliance.

25 year Disposition Renewals

A similar process applies for the renewal of 25 year old dispositions of the types (LOC, MSL, MLL and PIL).  PLA dispositions are indefinite and renewal applications are not required under the 25 year renewal process.

As of September 5, 2014, In order for a 25 year old disposition to be renewed, the client is required to confirm that;

1.The disposition holder has entered the disposition

2.The disposition has a Valid Survey Plan

a.If survey is not valid then an asbuilt survey plan by an ALS is required.

3.The disposition was constructed within the approved survey boundaries

a.If extra clearing has taken place then an asbuilt survey is required to account for the extra area taken.

b.If the survey is valid and no extra clearing has been taken than an ALS can sign a statutory declaration stating such.

4.The disposition continues to operate for the intended and approved purpose

5.The disposition is in compliance with the terms and conditions and there are no outstanding compliance files under review

6.The disposition does not conflict with adjacent users

Once the verification has taken place and either an asbuilt plan or a statutory declaration has been signed, the disposition can be renewed for another 25 years.

This link is for a flowchart that further explains the EAP process.


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